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Sandcats 2001 Tournament Results

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Sandhills Sandcats Youth Wrestling Club
2002 NC AAU State Championships - 7th place
2000-01 NC AAU Co-State Champions

     Welcome to the Sandhills Sandcats Youth Wrestling Club (SSYWC) home page. Our wrestling club was established in 1997. Its brief existence came about by branching off from the Southern Pines Parks and Recreation wrestling team in 1996. Since then, we have quickly grown into a perennial powerhouse youth wrestling club. We are a private youth club, but open to the general public. Each year, our organization averages 50+ wrestlers. Currently, we have a coaching staff of eight volunteer coaches.

     The team has set very high standards for itself. We practice with intensity and have a strong work ethic. The team is very dedicated, exudes desire to learn, and is determined to become the strongest wrestling club in North Carolina. This mindset has carried over to our goal-oriented approach. Our club emphasizes that a Sandcat wrestler be a student first, and wrestler second.

     As such, the club has seen quality results early on. We have competed in various wrestling tournaments across the state and have had great success. Many wrestlers medal (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and have qualified for various out-of-state wrestling tournaments. The team as a whole generally places 1st or 2nd at state-wide tournaments. We have many individuals who have earned honors to participate on the North Carolina all-stars team and the North Carolina national wrestling team. Many of our athletes have become dominant wrestlers.

     We are a proud organization that strives for excellence and is always recruiting young ambitious athletes (boy or girl) from the surrounding area that might enjoy experiencing quality competition and the spirit of sportsmanship. We strive to develop winning attitudes in our wrestlers which fosters the environment were champions are born. For those interested, you're welcome to visit our practice, and let's wrestle!!! For further information, contact Mr. Erich L. Hoffman at (910) 944-1312 or Mr. Jim Ransdell at (910) 944-7727.

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